Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Start of Something New

If you've managed to stumble upon this blog, let me welcome you.  You're about to enter a world few people can truly understand until the unfortunate experience of having your husband receive orders to this God Forsaken place. A place from straight out of the Twilight zone where very few are fortunate to escape for some time after first passing through the gate. A dimension where Joshua trees, coyotes and bobcats are the norm, where rain rarely falls and the nearest town equates to twenty minutes of vast expanse of nothingness. Welcome to Edwards Air Force Base.

Edwards AFB - Wish You Weren't Here

One may ask why did I decide to write this blog, what I care to accomplish. Let me begin by addressing what this blog will NOT be.. Many military wives by now are probably well acquainted with the facebook page known as Oversensitive Military Wives (OSMW).  That is NOT what this blog is aiming to be. This blog will not be a way for me to belittle, bash or embarrass anyone in particular who lives at Edwards AFB. Instead, I would like to maybe establish more of a running commentary of life and events that occur here, like an editorial normally found in a newspaper. These writings will be my opinions of various topics that effect those living on the base. It will not be used to criticize the Command on base - I am not a military member and as a spouse I do not feel I have the education to write regarding the military aspect of the base. I plan to write regarding topics that affect the spouse side of living here. Yes, there will be posts from time to time that will discuss wives on this base - but they will be discussed in a collective manner. I will not use terms such as "dependapotamus" or anything derogatory of that nature. I will not criticize you if I saw you at the BX wearing pajamas and flip flops, no makeup, spit up on your shirt and Cheerios in your hair.  But as I notice opinions regarding topics being thrown around in various Edwards facebook pages, I might refer to general statements and opinions to show a different opinion to what I'm expressing or to elaborate on something I might not agree with. I will never use anyone's name unless its in regards to a news story that has been publicly released.  You will never have to worry about coming to this site and seeing a photograph of you plastered all over the current post.

Now would be a good time for me to take the opportunity to describe my writing experience. I've written numerous editorials for smaller newspapers in the past. While it may not be as impressive as being a headline writer for the LA Times, those articles were well received and at one point I was offered a regular editorial column. I studied Journalism in college for many years after writing for my high school newspaper.  Now, I spend time writing general fiction that has also been well received.  I have lived on Edwards AFB for a number of years now and have observed the dynamics that tends to develop between the people living here. I tend to be opinionated but honest - I try to view issues from different perspectives rather than lock myself into one opinion. I have known to be wrong and will be happy to admit it when this occurs.

If one takes the moment to look at my profile, you will find that I will refer myself to Jane Doe..  Writing anonymously allows me to present my opinion without the influence of friends who may or may not agree with me. It gives me the freedom to express my ideas without holding back under the fear of what others may think. But, it also gives you (the reader) and I (the writer) the opportunity to interact one on one without any preconceived notions between us.  Consider this a reality version of "The Help".  I hope to entertain, to educate and to hopefully give you a place where you can make your opinions known.

I named this blog "Welcome to Edwards: Leave Your Brain at the Gate" for a reason.. This is not to insinuate that anyone living here is brainless. After being on this base for a few years, I've made a bit of an observation, one that is of nobody's fault but is a product of this base..  Before I reveal this observation, let me explain my rational so that you do not find offense in the statement.  This base is unfortunately situated in the middle of absolutely no where.  The nearest city with a Walmart is roughly 45 minutes away, the closest gas station is a good 15 miles from the gate. After 8pm (sometimes earlier) this base becomes a virtual ghost town. Want a burger at midnight? Jack in the Box is only 20 miles away but luckily they are open 24/7. There is very little to do here besides watch your garbage cans fly away in the 70MPH winds every Thursday afternoon. Those who newly arrive will have the excitement of sonic booms causing them to jump out of their skin on a daily basis but after a few months here, that novelty quickly begins to wear off. So, unfortunately, people begin to have to look for things to do to entertain themselves.  I pray if you are new here that you have deep pockets because about the only thing to do on base is buy things from direct sales parties. Body by Vi, Avon, Scentsy, Dove Chocolates, Pure Romance, Body Wraps - if if can be sold, you'll receive multiple invitations by multiple venders each week - because there's nothing else to do. There are no jobs available on this base unless you are literally a rocket scientist. And so, the crazies start setting in.. Its not your fault - its a product of being on this base. People get frustrated, bored and many times discouraged from living here and it does affect them on emotional and psychological level. Hence, leave your brain at the gate - you're not going to need it when living here.

Don't Run out of Gas.. You got a long ways to go!!

If you're new to Edwards AFB or have just found out that your heading our direction, I'm so very sorry.  If you've been here for a while (and I know who you are as I can see the emptiness in your eyes when I pass you in the commissary) I'm doubly sorry and will pray that the powers that be cut orders to get you out of here. But until then, sit back, grab your morning coffee and lets trudge through this base assignment together. Sometimes you might spit coffee on your keyboard, sometimes you might have steam coming from your ears but I think I can promise you that it won't be boring.


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    1. I'm really glad to hear it. And thank you for spreading the word. You'll be able to say you were here from the start and helped it grow.

  2. I too am already entertained! This place is pure hell, need a little laugh every now and then ;)