Saturday, December 7, 2013

Your Dog Gets Around - And Around - And Around.

One of the great things about running an anonymous blog is that not only am I able to speak my mind freely without worrying that some crazy bitch I pissed off might come key my car but it also allows for people who read my blog to contribute anonymously knowing I won't put them at risk of said crazy bitch as well. Such was the case for this weeks topic – I was emailed a text document (btw – thank you for not sending screen shots when a thread is that long) of a recent thread on one of the Edwards facebook pages that really seems to upset a lot of people.

If there's anything in abundance at Edwards, it's drama. You would think a facebook page labeled “Edwards AFB Friends” might have slightly less drama then other pages but that isn't the case.

Here's the back story. It seems that there is a larger white dog of some sort of bully breed that has a habit of jumping over fences in Mesquite Meadows. It also seems as if this is a normal occurrence in the area as it happens several times a week. Now, this isn't the first dog that has repeatedly escaped its confines. I tend to recall a husky in Joshua Acres who was a habitual offender for quite a while as well. Shit, you can't really blame the dogs. If I had a chance to escape and get the fuck away from this base, I'd take my chances as well. Unfortunately, it seems as if this large white dog doesn't have much sense – rather than high tailing it out of here, he instead chooses to jump over his neighbors fences to see if the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

The dog seems to have caused a few problems while visiting his neighbors, at one point resulting in a toddler being knocked to the ground and injured by a family pet who charged the curious pooch. Other dogs are creating quite a ruckus and are driving their owners bat shit crazy.

During the 100 plus postings this dog's behavior resulted in, the owner of said mutt made an appearance. Basically, he told everyone that was upset to pretty much Go fuck themselves and shut the fuck up about things they didn't know about.

That's basically the back story for those who weren't privileged enough to have witnessed the debacle as it occurred.

Now, opinions are like assholes – we all have one and just about every last one of them stinks like shit. But, if you're reading this blog, that means you have some curiosity as to what my opinion on the subject is – even if it's for nothing more than a few shits and giggles. Do I always believe my opinion is correct? Well, fuck yeah, if I didn't, it wouldn't be my opinion, right? Kinda fucked up if you have an opinion about something and don't agree with it. Do I believe everyone is suppose to agree with me opinions? Fuck no! But then again, I honestly don't give a shit what anyone thinks so hey, it works out well. If you don't like what I have to say I have an easy solution – don't bother coming to my page. Pretty simple solution, right?

Which leads to where I'm going with this blog. My opinion since I figure someone wants to know it as they sent me the thread to read.

First off - to the owner of the dog – you are a Class A douche bag. You are responsible for a dog that has repeatedly entered other peoples secured property and your answer is to basically tell them to go fuck themselves? From what I can tell so far, none of your neighbors have yet to call Security Forces on you or your dog – however – I would be willing to bet with that callous attitude, rather than posting a photo of your mutt saying its out, they'll probably just go ahead and call. If I were your neighbors, next time your dog entered my property, I'd promptly take a photo for proof and turn your ass in. You are an irresponsible dog owner with a huge problem on your hands - one would think that instead of inciting a riot you might have enough sense to figure out you should play nice, apologize for the inconvenience your dog has causes and try to make amends rather than make enemies. But no, you want to be a fucking jackass, puff out your chest and waggle your dick like showing your a bad ass will make others run and hide and ignore the fact your dog just tried to hump their precious little bichon frise.

Yeah, I've used this before - but it's Morgan Freeman Dammit.

Since we know you're a dick head, we will address the issue with your dog.

Your neighbors don't want your dog in their yard. Your dog does not belong in their yard. People don't want to go out to their yard and allow their children to play, only to step in a steaming pile of dog shit that your dog decided to leave behind, nor do they want to clean up that pile of shit – especially if they do not own a dog of their own that they have to clean up after. They don't like knowing that the safety they feel in their bricked in yard is violated by the fact an aggressive looking dog that wasn't there moments before has suddenly jumped the fence. Those that own dogs do not like the fact that their pet is barking like crazy because a strange dog has just entered their space. It's bad enough that people have to worry about coyotes and bobcats jumping the fence, now we have to deal with your fucking dog doing the same?

You are very lucky your dog has not attacked a child or someone's pet. The woman who's child got hurt when her dog rushed your dog – you're lucky she didn't call SF's then and there. You're also lucky your dog has not come back in bloody ribbons after entering a yard with a dog who made it known your dog isn't wanted.

Wake up asshole. If your dog leaves the confines of your yard, do something about it. Put the damn dog on a leash before you take it out to piss for starters. If you or your spouse can't control the dog when on a leash and it gets away, then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't own the dog in the first damn place, it's obviously too much dog for you. Maybe consider an “invisible fence” or spend the money to extend the top of your fence to higher than your dog can jump. Hell, go to the damn Dog Owners facebook page and hire one of the trainers who frequently post there. But for all fucks sake, DO SOMETHING. Stop making fucking excuses for your dog because when it comes down to it, it's your responsibility to contain your dog, not your dogs responsibility to have enough fucking sense to not go into other peoples yards. By allowing the behavior to continue, you do nothing but reinforce the behavior in the first damn place. Nine times out of ten, when it comes to unwanted dog behavior, the owner is at fault. Here's a website to help get you started on the right direction, as I'm sure you're too fucking lazy to research the topic yourself.   Reasons and Solutions for Fence Jumping

Someone pointed out the fact that approaching strange dogs is dangerous, after several people said they approached the dog and found it to be friendly. Well, at least someone has some fucking sense in this place. Dogs are dangerous – they can be unpredictable. You bitches are fucking stupid just approaching strange dogs you've never interacted with before. You see a strange dog that you do not know, approach it, pick it up and bring it to your home, with your fucking kids and allow it to stay there while you try to find it's owner on facebook? What in fucks sake are you thinking? Okay, so maybe your just so kind hearted that you don't want to see the dog get hurt. You're fucking lucky these dogs haven't hurt you or your family. Then, if the dog doesn't approach you, you chase after it in hopes to catch it? If its not coming to you, its probably fucking scared and here you are trying to grab it. If you do get bit, you fucking deserve it for being stupid as fuck. I've also taken the time to find a website with dog bite statistics – since many of you are too lazy to google the number for Starbucks, I'm sure you most likely wouldn't take the time to educate yourselves. 
Statistics on Dog Bites

So there you have it.. That's my opinion, take it or leave it.

Oh – one other thing. To the asshat in Joshua Acres who's letting your fucking dog bark all fucking night, for all fucks sake, bring your damn dog inside. For one, its fucking cold as fuck outside and your dog is trying to tell you that you are an asshole for leaving it outside. And for two – here's a news flash – people are trying to fucking sleep. We're trying to get our kids to sleep. Kinda hard for people to sleep when your damn dog won't shut the fuck up.

Until next time..

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tell Me No Lies and Keep Your Shit To Yourself

It has definitely been a while since I have written anything here. That's not to say I haven't been lurking all the boards to see whats going on, banking things away for future reference. The problem is always finding what exactly to write about in the first place – you can only write about the same craziness so many times.

But there always seems to be one thing that pops up over and over that I haven't written about yet so we just might have to tackle that topic.

Simply put – people putting their noses where they don't belong.

If Morgan Freeman says it - it must be true.

Maybe it's all bases – maybe it's just here but it sure seems like people don't seem to know the concept of minding their own business. It never fails, someone always feels they have to put their 2 cents in on a topic, telling everyone else how superior they are, how they never have to deal with an issue someone else might be dealing with solely because they know how to do it better and their way is the only way. These people can pipe in for just about every topic available – your kids, your dog, your marriage, even how you donate to charity.

You know the type – its almost impossible to avoid them. Maybe you're having an issue with your kid ripping off their diaper at night so you decided to gasp duct tape the diaper tabs so they can't take it off at night. Well, she's going to pipe in and tell you that its child abuse and how her perfect angel learned at an early age not to take off their diaper so you must be doing something wrong. You didn't breastfeed your kid? Be prepared for the whole “Breast is best” rant telling you how your a terrible mother who obviously shouldn't procreate because you are too selfish to do what's best for your child. They are the ones who break into the evils of fast foods if you admit you let your kids eat a McDonald's happy meal, throwing statistics of childhood obesity or about tooth decay when you slip and say that you allow your child to drink a can of coke.

It's the type who tells you their dog is a well behaved member of their family, who would never do any common doggy behaviors like running out of the yard and if yours does, you shouldn't own pets. They are they ones who berate you for feeding your pet whatever food is on discount at the commissary – if you really loved your pet, you would be cooking a 4 course meal of grass fed beef or organic chickens every day – if you can only afford a 30lb bag of Purina kibbles for 15 bucks, then you shouldn't own a dog. God help you if your pet somehow gets pregnant and don't even think of trying to find homes for those animals without being prepared for a speech about why you didn't do the responsible thing and have your pet fixed in the first place. (I've covered these types of posts regarding pets in a previous post - if you missed it here ya go: Like Bob Barker Says: Please Remember to Have Your Pets Spayed or Neutered - Or Else)

They are always the superwoman. They are the first to tell you to pull up your big girl panties during a deployment and suck it up. Sure, you miss your husband and your kids are driving you nuts, the alternator went out on your car and the washer machine just flooded your house. Tough shit buttercup. Because she had it so much harder than you and she made it though perfectly fine - the house was always spotless, the children were always fed only wholesome organic foods (and they always ate their beets and chickpeas) at exactly 6pm, the dishes were washed by 6:45 and she of course used all her spare time while her husband was away working to find a cure for cancer. She always had excessive amounts of money in the savings account and is quick to tell you how your bad budgeting is the reason you don't. If your husband cheats on you, she's the first to point out it's your fault for not working out 5 hours a day, every day like she does.

You can find these women in many places – coming up to you at walmart to bitch at you for not having socks on your baby when its 100 degrees outside or approaching you at the commissary as you start to grab a box of caprisun. Visit any “military spouse” facebook group and you'll see herds of these women, usually arguing back and forth with each other because none of them can agree with each other on any topic.

To be honest, if you are one of these people, the simple fact is nobody wants or needs your advice. It's not helpful, its not wanted and all it really does is piss people off. The truth is, you come off as a major cunt with a superiority complex. You're the ones who's dog need Prozac because they're neurotic from you treating them like a child instead of a dog. You're the one who eventually ends up in the headlines because your kids rebel against your strict upbringing, turning to drugs and sometimes violence in order to escape the hell you've put them through. And lets be honest here – many times your kids aren't the angels you tell everyone they are. More times than not, they are the ones who bully their peers, much the same as you bully other women because they learn the behavior from you.

I saw another form of this type of behavior today while viewing the Edwards AFB Yard Sale site. Now, if you're not a member of this facebook group, take my advice – JOIN!! You would think a group set up to sell your unwanted shit would be pretty cut and dry – but this group has more drama than any prime time tv show today. Today's drama actually occurred over the course of two different pages. While I am a member of the yard sale group, a person who follows another Edwards page brought a second post to my attention. Here's how it played out.

The yard sale group had a post regarding a charity event involving dropping toys in a box for collection. Now, I'm not going to insult the program, its a very good program and I wish people would support it – there are many needy families who even a small 5 dollar toy would help make their children's holidays that much brighter. However, the particular poster seems to suffer from a severe case of cranialrectal impactment of some sorts (for those who don't know what that means – it's basically having your head up your ass). The original post was asking for donations, explaining where the boxes for donations were located, ect ect. However, the second posting on a second group was a picture (posted below) with a statement saying she would like to do such to the people at Starbucks, the BX and the people on the yard sale site for NOT supporting her toy drive as she seems to feel is appropriate. 

Lady, here's a bit of a news flash. By your own admission, the number of toys needing to be donated is 10,000 toys. Assuming this is 1 toy for every needy child, that's 10,000 children who's parents are financially suffering this holiday season and asking for help. These numbers are only the numbers of parents willing to ask for help – it does not include parents who either did not know how to sign up for the program or who might be too embarrassed to ask for help. I think a fair assumption would be for those 10,000 who did ask for help, there are probably another 20,000 who did not just in our area alone. And this area is not that populated, so that's probably a large percentage of people in the area. Add to the fact a large majority of contract laborers who work for the government in one way or another who have recently been furloughed not once but twice as well as laid off from jobs who were hit hard financially this year. Many of the people you are complaining aren't donating toys are the very same people who should be receiving toys. They are already stressed out wondering how to afford Christmas for their own children, depressed because yet another holiday is upon them and their finances are even worse then they were the year before. They're the ones who are tired of hearing how they should have started saving money back at the first of the year in order to save for the holidays when they can barely rub two pennies together to begin with. They are the ones living paycheck to paycheck, who already dropped many luxuries like cell phones and cable in order to put the next meal on the table. They are the ones who's children's names are on the Angel tree at the BX in hopes that someone's kindness will help them provide even one wrapped present under a tree this year.

But to sit there and insult and bitch about the very people who you are trying to get to support your program? That in my opinion is the very epitome of arrogance and superiority. How does one think that will in any way help in getting people to donate? After reading the original post, I was considering buying several toys to donate – after reading the second post, the idea leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I think instead, I will purchase a few of the requested items on the angel tree as well as buy a few AAFES cards (or Commissary gift cards) to donate to the chapel on base. At least I know those donations would be highly appreciated. Seeing the way you insulted the people on this base when all they were asking was for you to tell them where to donate – I could see you collecting the toys and then bitching on your page in regards to those donations being cheap crap. Happy Holidays indeed.

There's an old adage that says you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I think this saying is very true – if you want to change someone's mind regarding something, it's always better to be polite and respectful to others then to sit there and insult then, belittle them and treat them as if they are inferior to you. This goes for all aspects in life.

There's also another adage – if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut. Again, true.

But, in addition to all this, maybe if people would butt out of everyone's business and worry more about themselves, shit would be so much better for everyone.

Not everyone who's friends with a man who's not their husband is sleeping around. Not everyone who doesn't parent the way you do is unfit. Everyone who does not cook 3 square meals a day for their dog or cat isn't a bad pet owner. And everyone who can't afford to spend an extra 10 bucks on a toy for a donation box doesn't deserves to be punched. Keep your unwanted advice to yourself and the world would be such a better place.

Because its worth repeating - and its Morgan Freeman.
Until next time.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Stupidity that Is - Government Shutdown and Muroc School District

It's been a while since I wrote but I've still been lurking and watching. I figure its fine time for me to write a new blog and the perfect topic is what is on everyone's mind right now: Government Shutdown. Once that train reaches its stop, I think I'll also address the very poor communication the Muroc Independent School District has displayed lately as I am sure all parents on this base have that also in the front of their mind.

When it comes to the topic of the Government, I'm always cautious as to what I say. We all have our opinions, however, sometimes our opinion can get our military member in trouble with their command – nobody wants to be that loud mouth spouse who brings unwanted negative attention to their spouse. Part of me wanted to tread carefully – but you know what? I'm a voter!! I pay taxes!! I didn't give that right up when I signed on to be a military wife. Nobody attached to the US Armed Forces has instructed me as to how to vote and as a voter I have every right to speak my mind regarding the current events unfolding in this country. Regardless to how I vote or where my opinions lie, those opinions do not reflect towards the US Military nor the Command here at Edwards AFB and so anything I say should be safe when it comes to my husbands career. At least, that is my hope.

Let's get the bullshit out before I start. It should come to no surprise that I did not vote for the current President. Now, with that said, I don't put a whole lot of weight in the whole argument of whether or not he's a natural born US citizen or if he's holding office fraudulently. I've been eligible to vote in a number of elections since turning 18 years old and when it comes to picking my horse, I try to vote with some iota of intelligence. Obama never struck my fancy – but to be perfectly honest, there hasn't been a candidate who has fired me up in a while. If asked where I lean politically, I would consider myself a Conservative Republican but truth be told, I don't vote any particular party. I vote whom I believe is the best candidate. If a Democratic or Independent candidate where to emerge that I felt was the best option for this country, I would vote for that candidate over a Republican whom I feel is inadequate for the job. I also do not vote based on skin color. The fact that Barack Obama is of African American descent holds no bearings one way or another for me. He's black – big fucking deal. So are a large majority of the citizens of this country. No, my problem with Obama is not where he might possibly have been born or the color of his skin – my problem is that this man can't run a country for shit.

The last few weeks, military families along with DOD workers have been scrambling to figure out if they are going to get paid or not and how they will make it through this shutdown if they do not get paid. All the while, Congress and the President still continue to collect their pay. People all over this country live paycheck to paycheck on very little wages in order to support their families while those in office who honestly don't need the money continue to receive their pay for not doing their job. This should not be a Republican vs Democrat war – we elect these people to work together and get the job done. That's what they are paid the big bucks for, right? Well, any other job, if you don't do the work, you don't get paid. These asshats should not be getting paid to sit high on the hog and bitch back and forth, playing the blame game while the John Q Public suffers.

Today two news stories were released to the media. The first is very upsetting. During this shutdown (or slimdown as the Government wants to call it – as if changing the name to something lesser changes the facts) the Government is not paying death benefits for fallen soldiers killed overseas. Normally, when a soldier is killed, within 3 days the family is given $100K to help with burial expenses and to fly out to Dover AFB to collect their loved ones remains. This weekend, 4 soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, however the Pentagon has been given instructions that they are not authorized to pay due to the shutdown. However, a second story (which has not been given nearly as much media attention – surprise surprise) reports that the Obama Administration and the State Department approved (again, during shutdown) a 5 million dollar contract to a Vermont company to create more than 12,000 high-end custom crystals and barware for US embassies. Now, in what alternative fucking universe does that make any fucking sense? We can't afford $400K to bury our fallen men and women of the military but fuck if the fat cats are going to go without drinking from fine crystal. It's called PRIORITIES! Here's a news flash for the State Department – drink out of fucking red Solo cups. Rednecks have been doing it for years and they survive just fine.

Face it – the Government does not give a shit about you! But their not about to be put off by this shutdown – nope, they are going to continue to hit the taxpayers where it hurts yet continue to spend money on what they want.

Want another example? Want to visit a National park? Not going to happen. You can't even visit the website without a nice little message saying the site is shut down. Same thing with the USDA site, the Office of Justice Programs, NASA and the National Zoo. For a short period of time, the National Amber Alert website was also shut down but has now been reinstated after many people bitched.   Now I didn't study web design in school but it doesn't take a rocket scientist (which I didn't study either) to figure out that it costs just as much money to host a website to tell you the site is currently shut down as it does to keep the previous website on a server. Yet the “Let's Move” and “Drink up: Cheers to Water” websites, both the babies of First Lady Michelle Obama are alive and well. However, the White House did announce that the shutdown was going to result in Michelle Obama not being able to tweet? Now, last I knew, twitter was not Government owned, the website and app is absolutely free and it costs nothing to publish a tweet. But, the White House would have you believe that due to not having funds resulting in a Government shutdown, the First Lady will be suffering by not typing her precious 140 characters that nobody even gives a flying fuck about in the first damn place.

Unfortunately, the idiotic mentality doesn't just stem from the White House or Congress. No, one can find homegrown stupidity right here at Edwards AFB by browsing the various facebook groups. Plain and simple, some of you are some seriously selfish bitches. Up until a day ago, over 800K DOD workers were on furlough without pay and what was on everyone's mind? Soccer and the gym. I saw one facebook post from one lady bitching that the gym wasn't open and how pissed she was – the bitch hasn't stepped one damn foot in the gym since she moved here over a year ago. Here's an eye opener for you – people stayed in shape long before gyms were in existence. Bring your ass outside and walk – it's free. Kids won't get to pay soccer? Boo fucking hoo people. Your kids are disappointed, I understand that but there are so many more serious matters to be upset about – starting with why this damn shutdown occurred in the first damn place. Rather than sitting on facebook and whining about it why don't you sit down with your kids and explain it to them – explain to them that thousands of people might not get to eat next week or families might be homeless if they can't pay their rent. Instead of teaching your kids to be selfish brats, explain that while they might be disappointed, life does go on without a few games of soccer and things could be a lot worse. If telling them people might not eat or have a home doesn't phase them, try telling them those families with kids will have to cancel their smart phone plans if they can't pay their bills, I bet they fucking understand that.

Do I have the answers for this government shutdown? No but I wish I did. I can tell you that having the House and the Senate bitching back and forth isn't accomplishing anything. I can tell you that having a President who refuses to compromise on his Health Care Act when this country is in financial crisis doesn't help either. Nor does it help that this same President does nothing but cast blame on everyone but himself – its Bush's fault, its the Republican's fault, ect. But I can tell you that this hogwash about there being no money to pay death benefits or to keep parks and monuments open is absolute hogwash. It's nothing more than a tactic to make the American people suffer in hopes that they contact their Representatives and Congressmen and tell them to give in.

Anyway - on to other things.

Another topic that has a lot of people talking lately is the school on base. Seems that a lot of us received a recorded phone call in regards to a threat at the school. Now, what that threat was, nobody knows. However, parents are upset that they were not notified until nearly a month after the threat was made or that the threat was not reported in a timely manner, resulting in the stepping down of the districts Super Attendant. Truth be told, parents should be upset, both with the entire situation and with the school district itself. Not sure what exactly is going on with Muroc school district but things are not right over there. The district has a revolving door policy when it comes to Principals, the STAR test scores are pitiful and thus results in underfunding of the district, there's a shortage of teachers which resulted in classrooms of various grades being merged together. Now there's this latest situation which sounds as if a teacher (I will not name names because a.) I have no legitimate proof this teacher was involved and b.) our judicial system says innocent until proven guilty) made threatening remarks in regards to other teachers and their families. The rumor is these threats involved speaking of gun violence and I'm a bit inclined to believe it – it's not unusual for there to be disagreements in a workplace and usually a criminal investigation is not initiated just because someone says “I'm going to kick your ass”. In the wake of several shootings across the country in recent, such threats are taken seriously. Unfortunately, it sounds like the school district dropped that ball.

When parents are contacted within hours that a bobcat was spotted in the playground, one would think that a threat of violence by an employee at the school would be taken just as serious and that parents would be contacted. I'm not saying give out all the details and put the teacher out there for a public lynching, however, parents should have at least been told there was a threat made. Parents should have the option of making a decision whether or not they want to take the risk of sending their kids back to school knowing a threat was made or maybe deciding to pull their kids out of the school and placing them somewhere else. At the very least, the school should have told parents a threat was made however actions were taken to ensure safety of both staff and students alike. This did not happen. Why? Because actions were not taken to begin with. The threat was not reported to authorities in a timely manner to begin with. Administration waited days before reporting the threat to the authorities. UNACCEPTABLE! To add insult to injury, administration then waited almost a month to inform parents the threat was made. Again UNACCEPTABLE! Rumor has it that the teacher was even allowed to keep his gate access card after being placed on administrative leave, allowing him to enter the base and have access to the school basically after being fired. (This is rumored and I do not know if it is indeed correct). 

The way I see it, the school failed our children and as a result any sense of security of sending our children to school here on base has been destroyed. The “good faith” we place in the school district has proven to be bullshit – the school isn't going to tell us shit it it might give them a black eye. Why might this be? Well, at the beginning of the year the school sent all parents letters stating that the school failed the STAR test for the second year in a row – a test that determines how much funds the state gives the school. Parents were given the option of transferring their children to another school district who had passing STAR grades, at the expense of Muroc school district. Those parents who opted to do this resulted in less money for the district – less students equals less money. The elementary school then pissed parents off further by combining classrooms (K with 1st, 2nd with 3rd, ect) resulting in some parents opting to pull their children out of the school and homeschooling them – less money for Muroc. Had the school contacted parents back in September and told them there was a threat of violence made you know damn well more parents would have kept their children out of the classroom resulting in even less money. That's right people – our children are nothing more than dollar signs and their safety has a price tag.

Of course, there's those parents who come out of the woodwork and give their glowing commendations of how great the teacher is. Their kids love the teacher, they miss having the teacher every day. Seriously? Can you be any more fucking stupid? You hear this stupid type of shit every time a teacher or coach gets in some sort of trouble. A teacher is accused of molesting a student? Well, he never acted inappropriately with my child so it didn't happen. I hate hearing that type of shit – maybe your kid is too fucking ugly to molest – ever think of that? Just because it didn't happen to your kid doesn't mean it didn't happen to someone else's kid. There are plenty of people out there who thought Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Adolf Hitler were great guys. 

Don't get me wrong – the teacher in question should by all means be given due process and shouldn't be crucified without the benefit of an investigation. However, a threat of any caliber should have been taken seriously. This situation could have been very bad. Instead of sitting on facebook bitching while our kids are playing on their Ipads, we could all be crying our eyes out. Because of the schools lack of action, this teacher could have easily gone home after being removed from their position, grabbed a few handguns and returned the next day pissed as all hell. A few weeks ago, you could have been burying your kid because of a begrudged employee and then having to relive the hell as story after story air on National tv networks as they show your kid being rolled out in a body bag at every news airing. But hey, the teacher was always great with your kid right? And if you think I'm just being a fear monger then take a moment to google the name Shane Schumerth.

Until next time...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bitches Gonna Bitch

It's been a bit of time since I've written – life often gets the best of you when you least expect it. The enemy #1 seems to be the flu virus which has kept me pretty much bed ridden for a bit but I wanted to sit and write about what everyone is talking about.

Earlier this month, directly following the 3 day holiday weekend, housing on base went from being owned by the Air Force to being owned by a privatized company, Corvias military living. We all knew that this was coming – granted the process was kinda shoved on us last minute but still we have all been hearing it was going to happen for some time now. People have been bitching for a couple of years now about it not happening then when it finally does happen people once again began to bitch because it was happening. If people aren't bitching about something then they just are not happy I guess. 

One of the “perks” to privatized housing is that Corvias will be taking care of the grass – something that has been our responsibility here on base in the past. With any business venture, kinks have to be worked out with a new company, one of which is how to maintain 400+ yards plus park areas. Working out these kinks means trying to figure out exactly how many workers it will take to maintain these areas, what schedule will work best with these workers, figuring out if more workers need to be hired, ect, ect. In all honestly, it seems as if Corvias has been doing their best to try to make the transition a positive one for us, however you're not going to be able to make everyone happy – or with the case in this base, people are going to bitch.

Sure enough, within 24 hours of Corvias taking over the property, the bitching began. Because of the holiday, some housing areas grass was not cut on the Monday that grass will normally be taken care of once the schedule is running smoothly. Holy shit – people went ape shit I tell you. I would have hated to have been working in the Corvias office on Tuesday morning when the phone calls started rolling in demanding to know why their grass was not cut and the demands of having their grass cut immediately, regardless of the holiday putting a one week delay on their area . Corvias turned around and tried to accommodate these demands. Their workers began working overtime to try to get at last everyone's front yards mowed but then the bitches started up again – the back yards were not done, the flower beds were not weeded, the grass was not cut to their satisfaction.

Here's a reality check – if you are accustomed to a perfectly manicured yard and it means that much to you, bring your happy ass outside and continue to maintain your lawn the way you feel it should be maintained. However, driving around base prior to Corvias taking over, I can't say I have ever seen any lawns that were about to be acknowledged in Home and Garden magazine for being exceptional. I've driven by homes where people haven't touched their yards for months - the grass is knee high and the flower beds were so overgrown that it looked like a forest. I've seen backyards so poorly maintained that they have resorted back to the desert surroundings, completely without grass and with sage brush growing everywhere. To those who were bitching because their grass was not cut immediately – how many of you actually cut your grass weekly to begin with? I know that I have one of the nicer lawns in my neighborhood and I know we sure the hell don't mow it every week. 

Some of the comments I've been reading have honestly kept me pretty entertained. My favorite was the woman bitching because Corvias did in fact weed her flowerbeds – she claimed she was “embarassed” because they missed a spot. If your flowerbeds were so bad that one missed spot is such an embarrassment then obviously they were in pretty pathetic shape to begin with. That tells me that you neglected the upkeep on your flowerbeds and are now expecting Corvias to get them into pristine condition. If they weren't an embarrassment to you prior to Corvias weeding them, then they sure the hell don't suddenly become an embarrassment just because they missed a spot. If you're that damn worried about it, take your ass off facebook, stop bitching and go out and pull a few weeds so you are no longer “embarrassed”.

Point is, everyone needs to take a chill pill and give this new company time to get things back on track. But some people already bring to the table such a negative attitude about the privatization crossover that they have allowed that negativity to reflect in everything Corvias will do. Edwards is not the first property that Corvias has acquired from the government – this isn't their first rodeo. Give them time to get things on track – they had to deal with housing yanking them around, leaving them in a limbo and then try to pick up the pieces immediately following a holiday weekend. If you're that damn unhappy with your lawn, go mow it yourself. Corvias did not acquire Outdoor Recreation, you can still rent lawn mowers from there. 

Lawn care is a service Corvias is offering us free of charge. If they lag behind, its on them, not on you. You have two options, wait til they make their way to your neighborhood or go outside and cut the grass yourself if it bothers you so much. But bitching about a free service accomplishes nothing. If we were paying for them to maintain the yards it would be a completely different story but it's not costing you a single cent for them to send a crew of workers out in the high temperatures of the midday sun (sometimes in triple digits) to cut your grass. So far, we have come off as some pretty ungrateful entitled bitches with all the bitching going on.

Until Next Time

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DOD to Military: If you're not Gay then you can take it up the .....

Last week, the DOD (Department of Defense for those of you not up on your military acronyms) announced that in order to “provide fairness” to those members of the service who are homosexual to get married, the military would now generously give them 10 days of uncharged guaranteed leave in order to get married. I'm going to call crap on this policy, I think its absolute crap, pure and simple.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against homosexuals in the military. I don't care if a homosexual couple moves next door to me, nor do I care if a homosexual works with my husband. I honestly don't care if a homosexual were to deploy with my husband and see his ass butt naked in the showers – it doesn't bother me. However, this new “policy” bugs the shit out of me.

If a straight, heterosexual military member decides to get married out of state, they have to put in for leave and hope it get approved. There's no guarantee it will get approved, one has to hope and pray their superior approves it. When it is approved, it comes out of what days they have banked up, if you only have 5 days banked, well, you better get married really fast and get your ass back in time. No honeymoon for you. I know many people who have planned a wedding only to have something go wrong, whether it was leave not being approved or the wedding was outside the travel radius that was approved. Shit happens in the military, quite often.

However, now the DOD says “hey, if your gay, guess what, the rules do not apply to you.”.. If you're gay and want to get married, you automatically get 10 days, regardless if you've got that time banked or not. And its 10 days free, just for being gay and getting married.

How is this policy fair in any way shape or form? If a military member is deployed to a foreign combat theater for 1 year or more, they are given 15 days R&R which they are charged for out of their normal leave account. So basically the DOD is saying we will reward you for just being gay by giving you 10 days to go get married, but if your straight and putting your life on the line, you gotta pay for it yourself?

Originally, with the repeal of “Don't Ask – Don't Tell” we were told that all the government wanted to do was make it so that homosexual military members could have the same rights as their straight counterparts. I don't mind this, I honestly don't – but this does NOT create a level playing field across the board. To me, Equal means that both homosexual and heterosexual military members get the exact same treatment – access to military healthcare, BAH, survivor benefits for spouses. Equal does not mean give one side better treatment or more benefits than the other and tell us that it's fair. I'm sure there's plenty of heterosexual military members who would love to be given 10 free leave days to get married but that's not going to happen. So, why should homosexuals get it?

Fair is making homosexual members pay for their leave out of their accrued normal leave account, just like their straight counterparts. What's next DOD? Give homosexual couples who are E-4 or below houses established for Field Grade officers because they might not be comfortable living with possibly discrimination from straight E-4 and below in JNCO housing?

In my opinion (Not that the DOD or President Obama asked me for it ) is that by giving homosexual members “perks” or extras like the 10 extra days , instead of making the transition easier, it will only cause animosity between straight service members and homosexual service members. It doesn't matter if someone is Gay or Straight, they all serve the same military, the same country and should be given the same treatment. 

Until next Time...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Like Bob Barker says : Please remember to have your Pets Spayed or Neutered - Or Else!

Time for a new blog. I'm sure some have thought I have forgotten about you guys, I have not. I'm still around but work and life dictate when I'm able to write. Oh, responsibilities, you have a fine way of interfering with any fun that I have.

Topic today is probably going to piss a few people off and I am fine with that. Getting pissed off about something is healthy – it means that you're passionate about something. Some of you are going to agree with me as well and that's fine too. Either way, this blog is how I feel about things that occur on this base so I tell it the way that I see it.

This is how I see it:

Now, I'll be the first to admit that there are some piss poor pet owners on this base. There's a number of you who really shouldn't have pets. Pets are a responsibility and the decision to adopt a pet is one that should never be taken lightly. Many things should be considered when you adopt a new pet to bring in your home – do you have the time to actually take care and socialize that pet? Do you have the room for that pet because small cute puppies often grow up to be large dogs who need a yard and exercise for example. So many times people see a cute puppy and make a spur of the moment decision to bring it home without considering these factors and before you know it, the pup is being rehomed from no fault of its own but that of the irresponsible owner. Yes, these types of situations happen and its unfortunate. But, this is not what I want to write about.

Just One Example of a typical "free pet" post response
What grinds my gears is to see when people post on FB asking to rehome their pet and someone jumps their ass for it. Now, there are the “habitual rehomers” that do post and I can understand why someone would jump their ass – I mean, if you've rehomed 10 pets in 12 months then you need to stop getting dogs. In this case, the problem is not the dog but the owner. However, I'm speaking in regards to people who post one post saying they're cat had kittens and are looking for a home for them. Or the one time poster of someone who has a dog they need to rehome for one reason or another. There's always a handful of people who have to jump on the threads and bitch people out for either not having their pet fixed or for getting an animal without consideration for the long term responsibility.  When someone posts “looking for a forever home for my pet ASAP” with no other details, we don't know the details of the why.

This burns my ass because I've been in that situation before and had someone bitched me out about not having a pet fixed, I would have been beyond pissed. I'm a strong proponent for getting your pets fixed, you'll hear no arguments out of me here. However, guess what people? SHIT HAPPENS!! Yup, it happens a lot. I've had numerous cats in my lifetime and I've had a litter kittens born under my care. I once adopted an already pregnant cat and found loving homes for the offspring. Two months after she had her kittens, she was fixed. If someone bitched me out for being “irresponsible” when I was trying to find homes for those kittens, I would have been pretty livid. 

Here's a news flash to you bitches – get off your fucking high horses and shut your damn traps. If you don't know the situation, shut the fuck up, pure and simple. Not every pet post needs to be a teaching opportunity for you to preach about responsibility and give you the right to make people feel like shit when they have kittens or puppies. In your perfect world, every animal would be fixed but if that were the case, there would no longer be cats and dogs without a 500 dollar price tag since the only animals breeding would be purebred and expensive -which would also comes along with all the health problems many purebred animals have – making pet ownership only available to those in the higher tax brackets. Yes, there's plenty of unwanted pets out there, I understand this and animals repopulate at alarming speeds. So do some humans yet nobody's screaming “fix that woman” every time another baby is born.

Just shut the fuck up already – we all know to fix our pets. Hell, its even on The Price is Right . Bitching people out is not going to change things and it sure the hell isn't productive to an already born animal.

Then, there's the people who bitch out people when they rehome an existing pet. Again, without knowing the situation, these bitches (usually the same bitches who always post the links or bitches about fixing your pet) always jump and say some shit like “you shouldn't ever get another pet as you're an irresponsible pet owner”. Again, bitches, you don't know the situation. I for one don't always understand the reasoning for rehoming a pet just because you're PCSing – I've done it with pets and it turned out fine, however unless I know the whole story, I'm not going to cast judgment. Instead, I hope that the pet finds a good home. But that's not good enough for you bitches – nope, you got to jump on a thread and once again berate a person for their decision. Here's another news flash – be glad they are looking for a good home for their pet and not just dropping them off in the desert to become coyote fodder. When you see a post of a pet looking for a new home, actually look at the picture. Does the pet look healthy? Does it look well cared for? Is its weight appropriate for its size? If the pet looks like its been well cared for, then stop for a moment and consider that the owner has taken the time to care for and love the pet and it is probably hard for them to let the animal go but situations have deemed it necessary. Maybe in the case of a PCS, the pet is elderly and couldn't make the travel without being a risk to its life so the owner would rather part with the pet then to risk its life. Maybe the owner got the pet years ago, loved and cared for it, but then had a child who is allergic – last I checked you can't get rid of the kid. I'm not saying that if someone posts “I need to get rid of this dog because my yard isn't big enough” and they post a picture of a huge horse of a dog sitting in a patch of grass the size of a postage stamp that maybe one suggests in the future they get a smaller dog that doesn't need much room but instead of bitching people out and giving them a lecture on almost every post, have some tact and just shut the fuck up. 

Hell, you even criticize people when they don't feed their pets food that you feel is adequate - Shame on anyone who feeds their pet "Purina" - Don't you know you should be cooking wild game for your pets?  Anything less is considered animal abuse in the eyes of the lecturers. Fuck people - if a family can't afford to eat steak every fucking day, do you honestly think they can afford to feed their pet steak every day? I've yet to see one pet food that anyone of these people actually approve of - you can't buy shit at the commissary or they bitch, you can't buy shit from the vet or they bitch. Nothing is good enough for your pet except slaughtering a cow in your own back yard and feeding it to your pet.  Shame on you if you don't spend all that extra money on pet food - you shouldn't own a pet. Come on people - stop making people feel guilty because they can't afford a 50 dollar bag of Blue Buffalo dog food and instead opt for a 15 dollar bag of whatever at the Commissary -and before I get bitched out, my cat eats Taste of the Wild so we'll nip that argument in the bud right now. Yes, some people are going to feed their pets "inferior" pet foods and that might be all they can afford. Get over it - feed your pet whatever the hell you want and mind your own damn business. You bitching and posting about how dangerous commercial pet food will not change the fact that some people are on a very small fixed income but still want to own pets.  Hell, I find it more offensive you dress your pets up in pink fru fru designer outfits when they already have a perfectly fine fur coat. Halloween is fine but on an every day basis? It looks fucking stupid.

For your dog's sake, buy a baby doll or something if you need to dress something up.

Here's another thing. It's fair to say there are many people who need to learn the difference between a pet and a kid. Yes, I understand, you love your pet, I love my pets. However, your “fur babies” are still animals and there's a number of you who seem to forget this fact. No matter how diligent an owner may be, dogs are dogs and occasionally escape their confines. This is one of those things that hasn't necessary been bred out of dogs, they wander if given the opportunity. On this base, there are dogs who have been known to jump the fences, dig holes under the fences or squeeze through the smallest gap of those fences. Dogs also have something known as prey drive and needless to say this base has a shit ton of squirrels running around teasing the base dogs. All it takes is one squirrel to
Those damn Slutty Squirrels
give your dog that “come hither” look, shake its bushy tail in a seductive manner (you know how those slutty squirrels are) and before you know it, your dog is like your husband at a titty bar. Dogs are dogs, they are not kids. You may “train” your dog to stay in the confines of your fence but if given the opportunity and the stimuli, your dog is going to do what dogs do, they are going to escape. I'm sure when this happens, the owner is scared for the safety of the dog. Many times they often have to deal with the embarrassment of their dog's (and sometimes their cat's) photo plastered all over the Edwards pages. While I'm sure these owners are very grateful when someone houses their pet long enough for them to retrieve it, I'm sure its still embarrassing as all fuck for them. And yet, some of you bitches decide to take this one step further and give your lecture about the owner being “irresponsible”. Seriously, keep your fucking mouth shut for Christ's sake. Get off your high horse and stop giving unnecessary and unwanted lectures – all you do is piss people off, cause drama and look like a self-righteous bitch.

As said, I understand pets are a responsibility and we should love and take care of them. I also understand they are a lifetime commitment. But, I also understand that no matter what you say to people on Facebook, you're not going to change the situation. Take your unsolicited advice and shove it right up your ass. People don't need to be lectured every time they post – and while some people may say that this post is “unsolicited advice” I'd like to point out that nobody forced you to come to this blog site and read this – you came here knowing this blog is me posting my opinion. However, someone posting looking for a home for an animal is not posting looking for someone to post about their irresponsibility as a pet owner.

I have never seen anyone respond positively to one of these posters – I've never seen anyone say “oh, thank you so much for letting me know I should have had my pet fixed before it had a litter of unwanted babies. I've now seen the errors of my ways and shall promptly make an appointment at the vet at my earliest convenience.”. I've never seen anyone who's pet got loose say “Thank you for pointing out that I should do everything in my nature to make sure my pet never accidentally gets out of its yard. I can't believe I have been so irresponsible as a pet owner and I will promptly fix the problem.” Instead, I've seen a lot of “I didn't post this for your negativity. Please get off my thread” and shit to that nature. 

Take a hint people – nobody wants your lectures and nobody wants your negativity. The only thing you accomplish posting this shit is pissing people off.

Until next time...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

Today I thought I would cover a topic that's pretty controversial. It has nothing to do with Edwards itself - or the people of Edwards - but this country as a whole.

In the wake of the Zimmerman/Martin trial and Zimmerman's acquittal, one thing has become very apparent. Lines have been drawn in this country in ways we have not seen since the days of the Civil War.  War has been declared in this country but unfortunately the sides are not clear cut nor are they fighting for something honorable like independence. Suddenly everyone is enemy #1 no matter who you are.

This country is failing fast and there's no sign of any deliverance any time in the near future. Yet instead of the American people pulling together and deciding to fight for this country and our rights, we decide to fight against each other for no other reason then the reason to do so.

People are being attacked on the streets all over this country for no reason beyond their skin color, all in the name of "justice" for Trayvon Martin. Tell me people, exactly what this accomplishes? Whether one believes Zimmerman was right or wrong, where does the mentality of punishing everyone of a specific race as justice come from? Is it fair to "Kill the Whitey" because a jury of 6 found Zimmerman innocent? Is it fair to lump all blacks as hoodie wearing thugs because of the actions of Martin? To make matters worse, we made a whole new classification of race during this trial - Zimmerman who is considered Hispanic - was suddenly classified as a "White Hispanic". We have an entire generation of mixed children - where one parent is black and one is white - but we do not classify these children as "White African Americans", do we? However, suddenly we have "White Hispanics" in order for the media to make this case a white vs black hate crime and a civil rights case.

Here's a news flash people - take it or leave it. The media told you exactly what they wanted you to believe and you took that bait - hook line and sinker. .

The photos that were constantly shown on the news.
Martin was not an angel, regardless to what the media may have tried to paint him as. He was not an innocent kid just out buying skittles and tea. He was not the smiling kid in the photographs plastered all over the media. He was a huge "thug" (his own words, not my own) who lived for violence. He was a drug addict, a thief and a racist. His autopsy was shown to prove that he he had a history of using "Lean" - a narcotic drink made by mixing Arizona Watermelon drink, skittles and codine cough syrup.

Zimmerman was also no angel either but he was not the monster portrayed by the media. He was overly gung ho about his position as watchdog for his neighborhood watch program but he was not the racist white man that the media said he was. Along with facts about Martin, facts about Zimmerman have come to light after the trial verdict. He was a man who went out of his way to protect the rights of individuals of color when he felt they were treated unfairly.

Day after day, crimes upon people occur. Each day, hundreds of crimes take place - white on black, black on white, black on black, white on white, Hispanic on Hispanic. Yet, these crimes do not take top slot in our news. However, this incident in Florida which in all reality was much less heinous then many of the murders that take place on a daily basis, was force fed down our throats. Why is that? 

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not going to use this blog to defend Zimmerman or tarnish Martin. However, I will say that I have voiced my opinion more than once to state how I felt about this case and have had people "unfriend" me solely because my opinion was not that of crucifying Zimmerman. (My opinion is that they were both in the wrong). I've had facebook feeds saying if anyone dares to post anything in favor of Zimmerman or the verdict that they would be unfriended immediately.  People feel very strongly about this case - Why? Why this case? Why is there such an outcry for Martin who's actions and choices led to his death? Why is there no outcry for Antonio Santiago, a 13 month old boy shot in the head while sitting in his stroller by two black teenagers who tried to rob his mother? Because black on white crimes doesn't fan the flames of hatred that the media needed, even if it involved a truly innocent child killed in cold blood. Why?

Antonio Santiago - shot on March 11th, 2013.

Maybe its because the current administration figured that by focusing our attention on Zimmerman/Martin and fan the flames of racism, they could shift attention away from issues that would draw attention to them and make those in this country question their motives. When was the last time a story about Benghazi headline news? Or the national debt? Why would the shooting of one individual take precedence over more important issues?

Let me inform you of just how uneducated the national media and the government would have us be. During the Zimmerman trial, how many of my readers were aware that the President signed an agreement with Russia in order to bring 15,000  Russian troops into the US to assist with an upcoming "disaster"? Originally when I heard this story, I had thought it was typical conspiracy theory BS. Unfortunately, it is not false information. The truth is that nobody knows exactly why these troops were brought into this country - some believe that it might be because our own US military cannot be used against civilians in this country. Who knows for sure. But I look at it this way - if the US Government cannot afford to pay our military and are constantly making budget cuts, why would they pay for a foreign military?

Since I'm on the topic of our troops, were you also aware that during all the the Zimmerman/Martin attention, the government announced that because of the failure by Congress to end budget sequestration that the government might force the services in fiscal 2014 to freeze military promotions, suspend recruiting and halt all change of station moves?  While everyone's attention was focused on a trial that had no true effect on our lives, the government was playing a slight of hand. Hope you like Edwards people, because if the Government gets it way, you won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Hope all you military guys got your promotion this year because it not, you're probably going to be stuck in your current rank for a long long time, because it doesn't look like anything will be changing anytime soon. And where does it make sense that we're going to pay for 15000 troops from Russia but we can't afford our own military troops?

 I will admit, I have never been an Obama supporter and I have never voted for him, I felt the other opponents were a better choice for our country. Yet, for the last 5 years, we have been told that if you do not support the President, you are a racist, especially if your skin is white. When it comes to politics these days, the color of your skin determines if you are allowed to have an opinion or not. Even before the first election, when Obama was campaigning this was made apparent when a the word "articulate" was used to describe Senator Obama and was deemed a racist comment. (Ironically, the white man who described the Senator as such was Joe Biden, who became Obama's running mate and later his Vice President).  I will be the first to admit that I believe the current President and his wife feel that they are either Royalty or celebrities other than just an elected political figurehead. They jet set all over the world taking back to back frivolous vacations on the taxpayers dimes while telling the American people that this country is in financial crisis and that this country cannot pay its bills.  The government shuts down the White House (a building paid for and maintained by our tax dollars) saying there's no money to pay for tours for groups of school kids or visitors to DC, yet celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ© can go in and out like they live there anytime they want  and perform private concerts (again on the tax payer's backs) because they are "good friends" with the first family. School children are going hungry at school because the First Lady has made severe caloric limitations and foods given at school lunches while her and her children eat high on the hog. Yet, hey, Trayvon Martin is much more important for the American people to know about then what is going on in our own back yard, right?

This administration has done absolutely nothing to bring the American people together. Instead, it has seemed to do everything in its power to cause animosity between the people, drawing lines between the races. The President has broken into normal broadcasts in order to issue statements about the death of Whitney Houston and to speak openly about his feelings about Trayvon Martin, yet upon the death of Margaret Thatcher he failed to attend or send anyone as a representative of this country to her funeral.  When a cracked out singer who dies of an overdose takes precedence over one of the greatest women to have lived, you have to start questioning the decisions being made.

I'm definitely not a politician. I wouldn't even consider myself an armchair politician to be honest.  However, I am beginning to feel I'm the wrong color and even the wrong nationality for the current administration to support and represent me.  I am not black, I am not unemployed, I am not an illegal immigrant, I am not gay. I do not need government assistance, or a free cell phone, or Obamacare.  However, I am a middle working class, college educated white female who is married to a military member. I own guns, I own a gas guzzling vehicle, and I pay my own bills and my own way. This puts me in a very unpopular minority in this country.  It also puts myself and my family at risk now, when this country is so heated in hatred in a war of black vs whites. 

In closing, I'd like to leave you with a few quotes a very wise man. A man of color who understood that you don't stand with your hand out for freebies but knew the importance of struggle, suffering and working to make this country better. A man who understood that people all needed to stand together, not separate themselves based on skin color, in order for this country (and mankind in general) to survive. This world needs more Martin Luther King Jr's and less of the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of this world.. This country needs leaders who can bring us all together - the more we're divided against ourselves, the easier it is for us to allow our government to force us to look one way while we should be looking the other.

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent"
"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools"
"Have we not come to such an impasse in the modern world that we must love our enemies - or else? The chain reaction of evil - hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars- must be broken, or else we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation"

Until next time...